Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stop Hating on Manti Te'o

I recently watched the Katie Couric and Manti Te'o's interview. Man, she was grilling him. I wasn't too impressed, because I felt that she was accusing him of doing something wrong rather than being a victim of a hoax.

In addition to the crossfire, the comments that people left were even more brutal. The things that stuck in my mind were people wishing him to fail in the NFL and calling him gay.

Let's try to be fair here. The media put him on a pedestal and turned on the spotlight. Now that the truth came out about how the entire story was a hoax, the same media people are gunning him down with that spotlight still shine bright.

This is really unfair to him. He's a 22 year old kid that made a mistake.

I think Te'o possesses admirable qualities. Though naive, his strong faith and compassion for others, exemplify a caring person.

True, the relationship was fake, but let's look at the true side of Manti. He's an NFL caliber, Notre Dame football player...and he stayed faithful to a girl that he hadn't yet met. Notre Dame has many good looking and ripe young women. I think many guys in his shoes would take full advantage of the fact.

The American society is pathetic. People were on such a high with his compelling story, then crashed so fast when the truth broke out. They want to drag him down to their level just to feel good about themselves; and that's exactly what they're doing. Now they want him to fail in the NFL and are questioning his sexuality.

A 4.82 in a 40 yard dash is not fast, but don't say that he's going to fail the next level. Numbers don't tell the whole story. Look at Ray Lewis for example. He had only 4 tackles in the Superbowl, but other things mattered during that game. His intangibles can only be measured by the two Lombardi trophies sitting in the Raven's trophy case.

Whether he's gay or not, that shouldn't matter. First of all, it's rude and disrespectful to the gay community, because it's saying being gay is a crime.  Second of all, how does running a "slow" 40 time make him gay? 

Anyways, I'm ranting. I wish Manti and his family the best. I hope he gets selected by an NFL team that suites him well.

P.S. He's a kid, come on now dude!